A Complete Guide for Pre-Primary Education

30 September 2022
Nishangi Global School
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In ancient times, India had a system of education called Gurukul. Anyone who wanted to learn could go to the home of a Guru and ask to be taught. If the guru accepted him as a student, he would stay at the guru's house and help with everything.

Learning in pre-primary school or at the best school in Hyderabad CBSE is important for all kids in their early years. As parents, teachers and people who make decisions, we need to make the most of these years.

We need to ensure that our toddlers are playing with important things to them so that we can set them up for success. Pre-primary learning is easy to understand. You can think of it as the base of an iceberg, which supports and holds up the tip.

Definition of Pre-Primary Education

In simple terms, Pre-Primary Education at one of the top pre-primary schools in Hyderabad is the first stage of organised learning. Its main goal is to get your child used to a school-like environment or to bridge the gap between home and school.

Features of Pre-Primary Education

  • Assist the child in meeting the standards necessary for social interaction.
  • Encourage your child's natural desire to explore new things and learn through play.
  • Assist in the process of a more seamless adaptation to changes in the environment, such as the transition from kindergarten to primary school.
  • Foster the development of a child's individuality in a variety of areas.
Top Pre-Primary Schools in Hyderabad

The Objective of Pre-Primary Education

  • As pre-schoolers, children from 1 to 6 years old are expected to develop and expand in school academics.
  • To foster overall growth and development in children.
  • To foster in members of the general public both intelligence for self-determination and an optimistic personal likeness for both to flourish.
  • To maintain the acceptance and admiration meant for others through the course of adult values and the love and affection developed among the children for the younger generation.

The Importance of Pre-Primary Education

Let's use an example to see how important pre-primary education is at CBSE schools in Hyderabad. In pre-primary school, counting is the only way to learn more complicated math skills like division and multiplication. Students who don't have a strong foundation often fall behind or have to put in a lot more work and time to catch up.

Pre-Primary Education at NGS

The top CBSE school in Malakpet, Nishangi Global School, wants to give kids an early education that will help them become good world citizens. Teach them to be responsible people who follow the rules. This starts when they sign their kids up for activities outside of school to help them figure out what they are really good at and what they love to do. At our school, education is a creative way to bring about change in the world. It is a process of active learning based on universal values like justice, tolerance, inclusion, solidarity, equality, cooperation and nonviolence, which lead to empowerment.

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